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The new ‘Tron’ movie might not suck

The moment I heard about the new ‘Tron: Legacy’ film coming out next winter, I immediately had horrific visions of ‘Speedracer’ and other such tepid over-CGed affairs, and feared the inevitable tainting that the sci-fi classic of my childhood would endure.

But you know what?  This trailer looks pretty damn badass.  The visual work is incredible, and we have an early front runner in the race for next year’s Visual Effects Oscar (though ‘Inception’ promises to blow us away as well).  The sound is also superb, and the theme music by Daft Punk is absolutely PERFECT.  The great and newly minted Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges returning gives me a lot of hope, and thanks to his inclusion and and this stunning trailer, I’m actually getting really excited about this movie.  It’s clearly going for the stark, foreboding side of this computerized world that gave the original such haunting undertones, and the spacial composition of the shots look Kubrickian in their unsettling sterility.  The fact that the director is an unknown newcomer gives me pause, but if this look is anything to go by, he may have something special going on.


One response

  1. Those visuals are pretty ridiculous.

    March 20, 2010 at 12:59 am

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