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Weekend Box Office: Kick-Ass rules, but Dragon holds strong

Backed by a strong marketing campaign and a lack of competition from other new releases, Kick-Ass came out of the weekend at #1 with a haul of $19.8 million.  Pretty impressive considering that the film is an independently financed affair with an extremely high degree of violence.

But the real story of the weekend is How To Train Your Dragon, which just lost out on the top spot with its take of $19.6 million but is holding on remarkably strong at it nears a month in release.  It’s taken in over $150 million domestically and looks to easily top the $200 million mark before it’s through.  Dreamworks Animation seems to have proven that it’s more than a one-trick pony, as the impending end of the Shrek franchise demanded that the studio innovate to remain relevant alongside the Pixar juggernaut. They’ve also proven yet again that the key to an enduring family hit is simply to make a really good movie.  Family films get a bad rep because they’re seen as easy pickings for studios that need to do little more than provide some cheap giggles and some shiny colors to make a profit.  But the big profits come from the quality products, and the family film viewer is more discerning than the system gives them credit for.

There’s little in the way of major releases over the next couple weeks, so we’ll have to wait until May 7th for the next big splash, when Iron Man 2 crashes into cinemas and kicks off the summer blockbuster season.


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