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True to its spirit, the end of ‘Lost’ will not answer all your questions

In a sea of mind-numbing modern entertainment, in which easily appeased masses latch onto insipid realty shows and cheer on which fat person will be the least fat by the end of The Biggest Loser, there has been one constant the last six years that gives me hope that we as a people have a craving for intelligent input, for entertainment that trusts the capability of our minds as it tests the boundaries of our perception and our patience.  That constant is Lost.

Often brilliant, sometimes frustrating, and always engrossing, the series that produced an entire populace of amateur quantum physicists is about to come to an end.  The finale is slated for May 23, and any wishful rumors of another half-season to come have been effectively extinguished.  And in proper Lost fashion, series co-creator Damon Lindelof has recently suggested that the ending will again leave viewers with more questions than answers, brushing aside the demand for absolution and the popular opinion that the show should be in an “answer-giving mode” as it nears its conclusion.

But that just wouldn’t be Lost.  As obfuscating and frustrating as the show can be, it is that same attitude of questioning and a militant preservation of mystery that separates it from the dredges of popular television and places it in a class of television art that is all too rare outside of pay-cable titans like HBO.  Whether you’re enthralled by the time-shifting and mind-screwing or antagonized by it, you have to at least appreciate the daring.  Where the show chooses to go in ending its legendarily complex plot is yet to be seen, but the fact that so many people are looking forward to finding out is enough to keep me going in thinking the artistic and intellectual temperament of our culture might not be completely shot after all.


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  1. Last night’s episode was incredible. Probably the most emotional episode I can remember, especially at the end.

    May 5, 2010 at 8:43 pm

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