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New ‘Inception’ Featurette

Here’s a new featurette for Inception that’s airing during the previews in a lot of theaters this week.  I saw it before Splice and now it’s up on the web.  It’s rare that a film sets a such a high bar for itself by making every single aspect look incredible, and my anticipation is so high that the film will certainly have its work cut out living up to the air that preceeds it.  The last time I felt that way about summer release was two years ago, for another Christopher Nolan film.  That little release was The Dark Knight, and it managed to not only meet my expectations, but smash them with a sledgehammer of badassery.  So while my anticipation is high, so is my confidence.  This is just another taste of the rolling ball of awesome that will hit theaters next month.

Side note: Could the theme music be any cooler?  Looks like Hans Zimmer has some more great work on the way.


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