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Trailer: Never Let Me Go

A full trailer for this fall’s Never Let Me Go has finally hit the internet.  The film ranked highly in the Most Anticipated of 2010 list, and this trailer might have actually knocked it up a few notches.  The cast is excellent and looks perfectly placed, but the director was a question mark.  From this footage, it seems as though he really has the look down.  There’s something about British boarding school films that has always appealed to me.  Maybe its the feel of history and past solemnity that the setting possesses, or perhaps its that quiet sense of dread that seems to lurk underneath the austerity and the semblance of intellectual order.  Whatever it is, I feel it from this trailer.

The clip is also a masterclass in how to present a simple story that contains a dark secret without giving away that secret.  You may not think so from the look of it, but this is a science fiction story.  The sinister workings behind this school and the not-too-distant future society that controls these characters’ fates is only hinted at, but it’s done so in a way that definitely makes your hair stand on end.  For those who have not read the Kazuo Ishiguro novel, I strongly recommend reading it before the film comes out.  That’s not always a good idea with film adaptations, but here I think it could greatly enhance the viewing experience.  The secrets here don’t qualify as ‘shocks.’  Rather, its the gradual unwinding and examination of these characters fates that provides one of the devastating emotional wallops of any story this past decade, and certainly the best of any science fiction story.  A familiarity with the source material will make that even more profound.  I found the emotion welling up in my throat just from watching the trailer, so great is the impact of this brilliant story.

My nerves are calmed about this project.  It sure looks like it’s coming together nicely.  As I said before in my Most Anticipated list, this one could really be special.


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