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Peter Jackson will probably direct ‘The Hobbit’ after all

Well, it certainly hurt when Guillermo del Toro left as director of The Hobbit due to the dire financial situation of its producing studio, MGM.  But it now appears that the Lord of the Rings master himself very well may step in to take over.  It’s not a done deal yet, but it does look imminent that Peter Jackson will return to the helm.  Jackson himself is a producer on the film and it makes sense for him to sit back in the director’s chair to keep the project from floundering into Development Hell.  A ton of cash has already been sunk into pre-production, and Jackson’s involvement could lure in the investments they’ll need to keep going with the planned pair of films.

Unfortunately, the financial state of MGM is still the deciding factor here.  Not only is its predicament putting this franchise on hold, it’s also stonewalled the continuation of the James Bond films.  MGM is reportedly over $4 billion in the hole, and until it either gets itself in reasonable shape or capitulates to a buyout (Warner Bros. recently offered $1.5 billion and was turned down), the completion of The Hobbit is still in doubt.  Hopefully it gets back on track, and that would be so much more exciting if Jackson were back in command!


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