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Joseph Gordon-Leavitt to play The Riddler?

This amounts to little more than rumor at this point, but it sure is a good rumor.  Apparently a casting list for the next Batman film has been leaked, and The Riddler is listed as a character on the role sheet.  In addition to that, it’s been reported that both director Christopher Nolan and Inception‘s Joseph Gordon Leavitt are interesting in the young actor stepping into the role.  Gordon-Leavitt is said to be very interested in the part.

This is far from a decided thing and the film is still in the very early stages of development, with Nolan having just finished Inception.  But the word about mutual interest between director and actor is a good sign, as Nolan is known for keeping the same actors in his casting bin for multiple films.  And I for one would be very interested to see what Gordon-Leavitt could do with the part, which will surely be written on the edgier side (not another hammy Jim Carrey travesty).  If there’s one thing Nolan and Co. have made abundantly clear, it’s to never doubt their casting.  I made that mistake when I heard about Heath Ledger playing the Joker.  I’ll never make it again.

What this does signal is that the Riddler is extremely likely to be a villain in the next film, no matter who plays him.  Since Nolan’s Batman film tend to feature two bad guys, that leaves room for one more unknown antagonist.  Just another reason to keep following the development of what will surely be another fantastic Batman entry.


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