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Oscar Season Upcoming

There’s a been a handful of solid oscar contenders released so far this year, but we all know that most of the competition is released during the Fall and Winter.  Though the summer heat is still brutally oppressive, the Fall movie season could be said to begin this weekend with the release of dystopian drama Never Let Me Go.  So let’s take an early look at how the Oscar race is shaping up so far.

Inception – An early front-runner for the Picture and Director categories, it’ll be interesting to see how it maintains its momentum going forward.  Science Fiction is a notioriously overlooked genre during awards season, but hopefully Nolan’s masterpiece can break down the barrier.

Winter’s Bone – Thus far the best traditional drama of the year bar-none, and lead actress Jennifer Lawrence seems a shoe-in for a nomination.  This incredible indie should find itself on the Best Picture list as well.

Toy Story 3 – A lock for a Best Picture nomination, but it’s still unlikely that an animated film walk away with the statue.

Upcoming Contenders

Never Let Me Go – The science-fiction tilt may hurt its chances, but it’s a seriously dramatic story with potential Oscar pedigree.  We’ll see how the adaptation works.

The Social Network – There are some seismic rumblings about David Fincher’s Facebook opus.  Hopefully the film lives up to the early hype.

True Grit – The last time the Coen Brother took to the West (No Country For Old Men), they walked away with a car load of Oscars.

Black Swan – Natalie Portman’s performance in Darren Aronofsky’s latest is already garnering immense praise.

Tree of Life – Tarrence Malick is back, and the early word for his film is extremely positive.


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