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No surprise here: ‘True Grit’ looks really damn good

The full-length trailer for the Coen Brothers’ remake of True Grit has been released, and it comes as no shock that the film looks fantastic.  The last time the Coens tackled the Western genre, they came away with a bushel of Oscars and one of the greatest films of the past decade.  Here they tackle the older West, and from the looks of this trailer, their visual and thematic handle on the genre looks ultra-sharp.  Jeff Bridges is going to own the role of Rooster Cogburn, the part that won John Wayne his only Oscar.  And though the original True Grit was far inferior to John Wayne’s The Searchers, it was based on a superb novel by Charles Portis that clearly had the Coens salivating.  If they stick to making this their own vision of that incredible book instead of a re-imagining of the John Wayne film, this could be really special.


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