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Peter Jackson WILL direct The Hobbit

Well, this story has been going around in circles for over a year now, but now it appears that Peter Jackson WILL in fact direct the Hobbit films.  Guillermo del Toro backed out during the summer due to the instability of the film’s funding.  But it looks like Warner Bros will likely take over for the bankrupt MGM and finally get the ball rolling on these movies.  3D appears to be an inevitability, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering Jackson has already embraced the gimmick with Steven Spielberg on the TinTin movie.  A 3D overhaul of the original Lord of the Rings trilogy is imminent as well, following on the heels of George Lucas’s announcement that the 6 Star Wars films will get the 3D treatment.  Gotta refill the coffers, I supposed

Anyway, the Peter Jackson thing is good news.  It’ll still be a couple years at least before we see the first of these films, but at least they may finally be clawing their way out of Development Hell for the first time since they were announced.


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