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Tom Hardy to have major role in the next Batman

The rumors of an actor from Inception being cast in the next Batman film appear to be true, although the specific actor has changed.  Though Joseph Gordon-Leavitt was the source of early talk, now it appears  that Tom Hardy will be the guy, almost certainly in the role of whatever new villain Christopher Nolan chooses for his film.

Hardy is still a very underrated actor, and he was superb in Inception.  If you’ve seen him in films like Bronson, you know that he can bring a blend of gruff physicality and sly intelligence to a role, which further backs up the likelihood of him being the next Gotham bad guy.  Could make for a very interesting Riddler (still the frontrunner for the primary villain), but could also slip into a variety of characters from the Batman universe.  This is definitely positive development for the project, but there’s no reason to doubt Nolan or his Batman decisions by now.


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