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‘The Great Gatsby’ adaptation rounding into form

Baz Lurhmann’s upcoming adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerld’s The Great Gastby now has its female lead, as the director has cast Oscar-nominated Carey Mulligan as Daisy.  The role has apparently been highly prized, which should be no big shock, and Natalie Portman, Scarlet Johansson, and Blake Lively were also in the running.

Mulligan will join a cast that includes Tobey McGuire as Nick, and of course, Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby.  I couldn’t think of a more perfect casting than decision than DiCaprio as Gatsby.  I’m sure it was a no-brainer for Luhrmann and his team.  Holy hell, he’s going to knock that role out of the park.  He should even one-up Robert Redford, the best screen Gatsby to date.  I’m still not quite sure about how Luhrmann’s visual style will translate to Fitzgerald’s narrative, but I’m optimistic.  With the lead roles so well-cast, all he really needs to do is let his actors go to work, much like Sam Mendes did in his wonderful adaptation of Revolutionary Road, also starring DiCaprio.


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