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The Oscar Race: All over but the shoutin’

“You better lawyer up, asshole.  Because when I come back, I’m not coming back for 30%.  I’m coming back…for everything.”

People follow the movies awards season with varying degrees of cynicism, but I find them worth following.  Though they’re decided on by secluded and sometimes rarified voting bodies, they do have an impact on trends, careers, and future opportunities for those producing our films, and they speak to a cultural desire to cultivate our art and praise great work.  The most notable and influential of these accolades is the Oscar, and though the ceremony is still over a month away, it appears that the Best Picture race is all but over

Perhaps the greatest piece of cinematic art this nation has produced this year is David Fincher’s The Social Network, and the film looks poised to run away with the Oscars next month.  It almost completely swept the critics awards over the last could months, and last Sunday is won big at the Golden Globes, an upset of sorts considering that the European voting body of those awards was expected to reward Britain’s The King’s Speech.  The race for Best Picture is now pretty much decided, and while some will bemoan the lack of suspense leading up to the Oscars, I find it refreshing that an award that still carries considerable weight will be bestowed upon a film worthy of being propped up on the highest pedestal possible.

The Social Network might just be the greatest American film of the last decade, an epic and intimate piece of filmmaking that’s about as close to a perfect movie as you get.  Its writing is tight and wonderful.  Its acting is nuanced and superb.  Its direction and cinematography are hypnotic.  Its themes and delimmas are unviersal and eternal.

Suffice it to say I won’t be upset to sit down for the Oscars knowing full well what will come out on top.


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