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WGA Awards go to Sorkin and Nolan!

At least the writers out there seem to get it.  The Writers Guild of America held its annual awards ceremony yesterday, and the big screen winners were Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network and, in a more surprising win, Christopher Nolan for Inception.

For the WGA to award one of its big prizes to a science fiction film isn’t as improbable as the Academy doing it, but it’s still very, very rare, and it’s a great honor for Nolan.  His awards seasons have run pretty dry thus far in his career, but at least his fellow screenwriters saw fit to award daring and originality in 2010.  An Oscar is still a long-shot for Nolan, but this win at least gives him a fighting chance against the far more traditional The King’s Speech.  There just might be an upset in this category come Oscar Night.

Aaron Sorkin winning is no surprise at all, and he’ll roll right into the Academy Awards and make off with that prize as well.  And there will be no one more deserving.

Congrats to the two best screenplays of 2010.


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