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The editors go for ‘Social Network’

The Association of Cinema Editors has bestowed their annual award for great achievement in editing to The Social Network‘s Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter, providing a nice bit of momentum for the film heading the Oscars but, just as importantly, putting another dent in the King’s Speech juggernaut.   This is first major guild win for The Social Network, and it has historically been a pretty good indicator for the Best Picture category, though no better than the other guild wins that King’s Speech racked up at the beginning of the month.

Though I still believe that Inception had the best editing of 2010, this award is well deserved for Social Network.  The film dashes forward at break-neck speed while never sacrificing clarity.  The crisp juxtaposition of the Phoenix Club’s party with the dorm room creation of FaceMash is in and of itself worthy of an editing award.  The work of Wall and Baxter really is remarkable all the way through.

Now, after Fincher’s upset at the BAFTAs and an absence of tech support for the Brit contender, it seems a swing may have occurred during the Academy voting period.  It’s probably not enough to nudge Social Network to the win, but it does make this a contest again, and it will be well worth tuning in Sunday night.   Recent developments suggest that voters may have been rethinking their choices over the last few weeks, and hopefully that means they’ve decided to vote the great film over the good one.  We can always hope.


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