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‘The Great Gatsby’ will be in 3-D

In a development that sent pangs of dread through at least one cinephile, it’s been announced that Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming adaptation of The Great Gatsby will be rendered in 3-D.  What good this will serve the project is beyond my mental reach at this point, but even my cynicism wont allow to believe this was studio mandated.  I have to believe that Luhrmann himself made this call, which only feeds my fear that the man’s playful yet occasionally distracting stylistic aesthetics might not be best suited to adapting one of the most somber and lonely novels in American history.  He can be a wizard with a camera, but too often he just can’t help himself.

The presence of Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby, though, keeps me optimistic.  There simply is no other A-Lister as consistent with his project choices, and he has shown a tendency toward singular filmmakers completely in charge of their material.  Hopefully he saw that in Luhrmann and in the script.  Otherwise, what many consider to be The Great American Novel might have its cinematic promise drowned in the visual quirks of the medium.


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