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Universal has killed the next Guillermo del Toro film

Marking another sunken directorial effort for Guillermo del Toro, Universal has pulled the plug on his planned adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft’s classic novel At The Mountains of Madness.  Not even del Toro is sure exactly why the studio backed out, but his (righteous) insistence on the film having an ‘R’ rating probably has something to do with, especially with its large proposed price tag and the source material’s relative obscurity among the modern moviegoing public.  Still, it would have been awesome to see a del Toro rendering of the half-insane story of South Pole expiditioners awakening ancient alien gods from inside a snow mountain.

First his Hobbit project sinks before eventually being ressurected by Peter Jackson, now his fantasy/horror project supposedly backed by producer James Cameron bites the dust.  This time last year everyone was talking about the incredible slate the director had planned that would seemingly last him until sometime around the dawn of the next century.  Now his projects can’t last past the incubator.  Well, now he’s embarking on Pacific Rim, a big monster flick backed by Legendary Pictures, and I certainly hope this one pans out for him.  Hollywood could always use a little more Guillermo del Toro.


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