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‘Prometheus’ is looking very, very good

As of a few months ago I hadn’t really mustered much anticipation for Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s sci-fi-horror epic coming out in June. It was mostly due to the overall mediocrity of Scott’s last decade of work (I rather hated his Robin Hood), and I thought the man may have lost the touch that made Alien and Blade Runner into masterpieces.

Maybe he’d just been away from home for too long, as his return to the science fiction genre looks more and more promising with each new morsel released. This trailer looks fantastic. 20th Century Fox can go ahead and write my $15 IMAX ticket fee into their Q2 books.

Linked below is the U.K. trailer,which I think I like even better than the U.S. version.

(Side Note: Any pretense that this ISN’T an Alien prequel is officially out the window. It’s an Alien prequel.)

International Trailer


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