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Trailer: John Hillcoat’s ‘Lawless’

Here’s the first full-length trailer for John Hillcoat’s upcoming Lawless, a prohibition drama based a real events from the 1930s. The film boasts a top-shelf cast and a newer, leaner title; previously called Wettest Country, Terrence Malick gave up the title of Lawless, which that was reserved for one of his gestating projects, because he was a fan of Hillcoat’s work on The Proposition and The Road.

The production notes up to this point seemed to characterize the film as a star vehicle for Shia LaBeouf, but the content of the trailer suggests a greater focus on co-star Tom Hardy. LaBeouf carries the first twenty seconds or so of the trailer, but then Hardy seems to take over as a advertised protagonist. The film seems like an ensemble piece if anything, with some tantalizing glimpses of the wonderful Gary Oldman and Guy Pierce (who has found an excellent home as a versatile character actor rather than a leading man), but the editing’s insistence on Hardy is noticeable. Perhaps the looming giant of The Dark Knight Rises, and Hardy’s sure-to-be-star-making role as Bane, led to a shift in marketing?

Impossible to tell at this point, but this film does look quite exciting, and Hillcoat is a director to watch as he transitions from lean Australian productions to big Hollywood filmmaking.


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